Cumin seed ( seeragam ) – 200g



 Natural. Cumin seeds are commonly used in Indian and South Asian cooking, as well as Mexican cuisine. They have a warm and aromatic flavor that resembles curry powder. The seeds are used as a key ingredient in Indian food, but can also be added to soups or sauces for flavoring purposes. The aromatic seed like fruit is elongated, ovoid, 3-6 mm long, slingtly bitter and has a warm flavour The flowers are white or rose coloured in small umbels. 

Cumin Seed Whole (Jeera) has a delicious, spicy and mild flavour that combines a smoky flavour with the freshness of cumin. This is perfect for adding to salads and meals.

Cumin seed is an ancient spice with a rich history. It is one of the most important spices and is derived from the seeds of the plant grown in many parts of India and South East Asia. This naturally dried and ground spice has a distinctively warming, peppery flavor. Cumin is the dried white fruit with greyish brown colour of a small slender annual herb. The surface of the fruit has 5 primary ridges. 


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