Clinic Plus Strong & Long, Strengthening Shampoo


Healthy & Long Hair, with Milk Proteins & Multivitamins


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HYDRATING NOURISHMENT: New Clinic Plus Strong & Long Health shampoo nourishes hair with every use. It’s milk protein plus multivitamin formulae has been developed to make hair stronger and longer. Drinking water nourishes from the inside and clinic plus shampoo nourishes from the inside.

ROOTS BEFORE TIPS: Well-nourished Roots are the most important aspect of long and strong hair. Clinic Plus Shampoo helps nourish your hair from the roots to tips. This hair shampoo hydrates and rehydrates your hair until their natural shine returns. Strengthens roots to accelerate hair growth.

SUITABLE FOR WHOLE FAMILY: Clinic plus shampoo is developed to be used by the entire family. Different generations have different hair porosity and density. However, the long and strong hair shampoo from clinic plus nourishes and hydrates all hair types.

DEEP HYDRATION: The milk protein in the Clinic Plus hair shampoo penetrates each hair strand. This ensures that our shampoo provides nourishment and hydration each time you wash your hair. Oiling your roots is not the only way to get the hydration necessary to grow out your hair.


355 ml, 650 ml


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